What’s better, Push or Pull?

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There are usually two reasons a pusher fan is used. Reason one, there is not enough clearance between the radiator and the motor, or the owner wants to keep the nostalgia of the original mechanical fan or fan shroud. If

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There’s different types of the same diameter fan. How do I choose the right one?

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To obtain the most efficient fan, the highest profile, or thickest fan, is usually the fan to use. Different motor positions, as well as many other variables, produce different clearances between the radiator and motor, or radiator and grill. For this

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Down Flow / Shrouds

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Our down flows typically use a 16” fan or two smaller fans. We recommend allowing an additional ¼” when using our mounting brackets and not using shrouds with a pusher fan. Shrouds are used to position the fan ⅞” closer

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Pusher Fans

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It is important to know that pusher fans with straight blades must be spaced out ¼” from core or fan mount fans. If a pusher fan attaches onto AC condensers should be attached with plastic ties that are cut off

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Fan Switches

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When selecting a fan switch for your fan, our switch kit is the perfect product for you. Follow the guidelines below to find the perfect switch for your thermostat: 160º thermostat - 185º or 195º switch 180º thermostat - 195º

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Mounting Kits

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Use our fan mount kit, use part FMK for installing electric fans. Avoid plastic push ties that can damage the radiator.

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Cross Flow / Shrouds

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Before ordering, you must know the core size. It is important to remember that most cross flows will be between 15” and 21” tall. If your cross flow is smaller than 21” in length, one larger fan will work best

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Flapper Valves / Shrouds

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Flapper valves are added to the shrouds when needed to allow excess air from high speed driving to exit fan shroud. Without flapper valves, too much air enters into the shroud causing the air to go around the radiator instead

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Car Dimensions

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Ford Cars Year Core Dimensions Recommended Fan Setup: 1928-1929 18H x 18W 1 fan pull only 1930-1931 21H x 18W 1 fan pull only 1932 22H x 17 3/8″ W 1 fan – can have small pusher 1933-1939 22H x

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